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HardWire SC-2
Precios Precio: 149.95 € 95,00 Los precios incluyen el IVA.
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HardWire SC-2 Professional Analog Guitarra Valve Distortion, True Bypass

Información en inglés:
More than a remarkable achievement, HardWire represents a collection of significant improvements in effects pedals for guitar HardWire pedals provide a suite of well-known effects, each with superior tone and control But these pedals go above and beyond their peers to provide such distinguishing features as true bypass and high voltage operation, making them essential additions to the signal chain of players who know about sound quality and demand the utmost in performance
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HardWire SC-2
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HardWire SC-2
+HardWire HT-2
+HardWire RV-7
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Level Knob - Controls the distortion output level. Turn the knob clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the output level.
DC Adapter Jack - Connect (an optional) Harman PS200R power supply to this jack. Use the proper supply for your area’s mains line voltage.
Low Knob - Controls the level of low frequency (bass) boost/cut.
Turn the knob clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the bass level.
High Knob - Controls the level of high frequency (treble) boost/ cut. Turn this knob clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the treble level.
Gain Knob - Controls the overall distortion gain. Turn the knob clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the amount of distortion gain.
Voicing Switch - This switches between the Distortion’s two voicings. Crunch provides a classic balanced distortion. Saturated features an extra gain stage for maximum sustain distortion making it ideal for solos.
Input - Connect your instrument or the output of another pedal to this jack. This jack enables battery power to the pedal when connected.
To prolong battery life, disconnect the cable from the Input jack when not in use. If the optional Harman PS200R power supply is used, cables can remain connected.
Foot Switch Release Pins - These two pins are spring loaded hinges that hold the Foot Switch in place. See page 7 for information on accessing and changing the battery.
Indicator LED - Lights when the effect is turned on. When battery power is low (approximately 15 minutes before it dies), the Indicator LED begins to dim giving you advanced warning that very shortly you will need to replace the battery.
Foot Switch - Turns the effect on and off.
Output - Connect this output to the input of your amplifier or the
input of another pedal.

Controls - Level, Low, High, Gain, Voice Switch, On/Off Pedal
Jacks - Input, Output
Input Impedance - >500 kO - effect on
Output Impedance - 1 kO - effect on
Input Impedance - true hardwire bypass - effect off
Output Impedance - true hardwire bypass - effect off
Power Supply - 9V Alkaline Dry Battery or
Harman PS200R 9V DC power supply
Current Draw - 20 mA (typical at 9V DC)
Power Consumption - 180 mW (typical w/optional PS200R power supply)
Dimensions - 5.25”(L) x 3.5”(W) x 2.15”(H)
Weight - 1.3 lbs.
Optional Power Supply:
PS200R-100 (100V~ 50/60Hz)
PS200R-120 (120V~ 60Hz)
PS200R-230 (230V~ 50Hz)
PS200R-240 (240V~ 50Hz)

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